Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stuff and Things

I got a cat on Friday! I adopted her from the humane society and I love her. Her name is Ringo and she's very sweet and fluffy and meows like an Ewok. I left her alone for the first day and then on Saturday night she started exploring the apartment and even got on the couch with me for awhile. Of course she wants nothing to do with the toys I bought her but is fascinated by blankets. I'm a parent now you guys, I understand the world (completely kidding).

She seems to be adjusting well.

Here are more random pictures I've taken over the past few weeks. Some of these (I think) are really cool and I don't want to lose them if my phone dies or something. Preparation is always the key to being prepared.
The sky was really pretty during one of my early evening strolls.

The park across from my apartment is pretty, too.

Irises are the best flower.

Sloss Furnace yesterday.

Angles and lights are cool.

This reminded me of the Lion King and I'm not exactly sure why.

Apparently, I really like clouds. This would be a great watercolor painting.

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