Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Plight of the Twentysomething Part 2

I decided my last post was stupid and whiney and a waste of a post so now I'm trying to redeem myself. It's not like I have any real problems anyway. My job has its share of problems: the stress is through the roof and the pay is awful but at least I have a job that enables me to have my own apartment and car and tasty foodstuffs. Things could definitely be worse, but it's just frustrating to feel like you're going nowhere professionally and it's easy to lose perspective (looking at you, Kardashians) of what legit hardships are.

Things will get better eventually and I'd rather struggle now and have all these experiences rather than when I'm older and too stubborn to learn anything from it. But sometimes I definitely deserve credit for managing to not be a violent psychopath, ahahaha. That was a joke, guys.

I can't believe it's almost June already. The year is almost half over! I've decided to do a review of my new year's resolutions (yes, I wrote some down. Yes, I'm lame.). Also, I don't have any finished arts or crafts to show you so I might as well do this. I put together some homemade pickles today so after they sit for a few days I'll test them and then that will be a more arty/crafty/foodie post.

Anyway, here we go:
-Be more creative- Working on it. It's more of a work in progress than a destination.
-Be healthier- working on it. I've been making serious strides to eat better and go to the gym like a boss.
-Get a new job that I enjoy and find fulfilling and like I'm contributing to something (which will lead to drinking less)- working on it.
-Broaden social circle- have definitely done and am working on broadening it even more.
-Dress better/i.e. look less hobo-esque- Meh, I'm working on it I guess. I need a new job that pays better before I can buy new clothes, har.
-Start a blog- Done!
-Be more self reliant and independent- I've definitely made strides in this area, like battling the Apartment Mouse all by myself. I won, by the way.
-Seek out new experiences- Well, I went into Forever 21 the other day. I say I owned this one.
-Make definite plans to travel to visit friends who live elsewhere- Seriously guys, get ready 'cause I'm coming for you! (Prepare fun activities (Funtivities!) Alex and MJ and Brittany and Kevin!)
-Be happier- I think I'm happier than I was a few months ago but I've learned happiness is never something you just are. It's something you have to work for and make happen along the way. Again, it's a work in progress and not a destination.
-Be more awesome- Totally owned.

I almost sound wise and like I have myself together. Psssh. Here's a picture of Birmingham at dusk from the night last April when me and my friend Kevin (he's an awesome musician by the way. Check him out!) snuck onto an apartment building's roof and ate potato chips and considered spitting down onto traffic. See, I'm really not all that wise.

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