Saturday, April 20, 2013

Table Made of Upcycled Magazines

This post begins with the phrase most everyone, well females anyway, has said at some point: "I saw this  pin on Pinterest...".

Like so many others before me, I saw a pin on Pinterest (Shameless Plug: You should follow me there, by the way! End of Shameless Plug) that claimed one could take old magazines and create a table-like structure out of them by folding them into themselves. Here's their picture:

I was equal parts intrigued and skeptical but decided to give it a whirl. It's one of those things that I thought had potential to have potential, but was realistic enough to not trust quite everything that I see on Pinterest. Luckily, my Mom is a mild magazine hoarder so she graciously donated several magazines to my cause and I figured since it would be free I had nothing to loose.

And alas, It worked! Behold!

All you do is fold about 10 pages at a time back and tuck them into the magazine's binding. Then stand up the fan-like creations and put the spines against each other and stack them up. I used 3 magazines for each tier of my table and it's perfectly sturdy. Obviously don't put anything heavy or breakable on the top just in case a 'support magazine' unravels and compromises the overall structural integrity I find it's great for holding potted plants. For the different tiers you have to be sure to use magazines that are all the same height or else it will be wobbly and not stack correctly.

I think it turned out well and am pretty fond of it....even though Paula Deen's face is peeping out at me in a leering fashion. Seriously Paula, you're not fooling anyone with those contacts. One of her agents or handlers or whoever needs to tell homegirl that it's okay she doesn't have naturally glacier blue colored eyes.

This would be even cooler made out of books but ain't nobody got time for that (also read as: ain't nobody have that many hardback books of the same height).

For the record, I did finally get rid of those dead tulips on the left.

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