Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Open Letter

Dear Writers of  "The Walking Dead,"

     Seriously? What was that season finale about? I mean, come on!!!!! It's been a week and I still can't believe we were let down so ridiculously.
     And that whole thing about 27 people dying? Other than Andrea (who should have been offed in like season 2 at the latest), the people who died were mere incidental characters!! Don't tease me like that! At least you didn't kill Daryl. But if Daryl was killed off then I'm sure the show would lose a lot of female viewers. I would probably stop watching too, out of general principle for upholding my undying love for Norman Reedus.

    Season 4 had better be epic in every sense of the word or I'm going to be forced to send a strongly worded email.

A Disgruntled Fan

And while I'm writing open letters, here's another one:

Dear Starbucks,

Bring back the Vanilla Spice latte or I'll bombard you with strongly worded emails about my need for it.


A Coffee Addict That YOU CREATED!

And now here's a picture of a bird feeder with potato chips in it instead of birdseed. Since I live in the South, it's a pretty safe bet those are Golden Flake chips. I thought it was funny.

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