Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Make ALL THE THINGS Mercury Glass!

I'll give you a cookie if you got that Hyperbole and a Half reference. Anywho, I've recently developed a mild obsession with mercury glass. It all started with these three votive holders that my Mom bought for me in Jamestown, Virginia.

I put them on my coffee table and have pined for more mercury glass like a zombie pines for human flesh. (I seriously watch too much of "The Walking Dead." I'm also a little bit in love with Norman Reedus.) Then I saw a tutorial about how you can paint your own mercury glass using Krylon Looking Glass spray paint. I tried it out for myself on some cheap glasses I got at the thrift store and it really works! I was feeling extra fancy so I decided to use India ink to tint the glasses first.This is really easy. All you do is mix two parts of the color India ink you want to one part acetone and use a paintbrush to apply it to the outside of the glass. (You could do it on the inside but I knew I was going to put a candle in the glass and thought it best to avoid starting a fire) The acetone thins the ink out and makes it adhere to the glass and acts as a sealant. Once the India ink had dried and sat for a few days, I applied the vinegar mixture and spray paint and hark! Colored mercury glass! 



What was supposed to be red but the ink got diluted too much and it turned out pink but that's okay!

I liked the mercury glass look so much that I decided to try it out on an old brown lamp I have. The lamp was a really weird brown faux-finish with a slight texture to it (it was a donation from a friend having a garage sale). Because it wasn't clear like the glasses, the look didn't turn out 100% like mercury glass, but it's still cool. Plus, anything is better than a weird brown faux-finish.
I made the lampshade too, by the way. Not bragging or nothin'.

Here's a close up:

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with all my mercury glass endeavors.

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